Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Multi user computers & AIR

27 Mar 2008

Just ran across an AIR annoyance.  Every user on a computer who runs an AIR application will get an AIR license agreement window. It's particularly annoying for me since I largely develop applications intended for students to use in schools.  So if a school admin installs an AIR app, and then a student logs in they get a "big scary" legal agreement window.  Then if the student moves to another computer the next day, the same legal agreement.  These kids are in the K-8 range and there's no reason they should ever see something like that.I can understand a license agreement on installation.I could even understand a license agreement on the first time an app is ran.But the first time each user runs an app?  For an application framework?  Seems a bit excessive to me.Imagine if you launched an app and every single library/framework that it uses showed a license window.  You're average desktop application might use half a dozen different libraries or frameworks. 
    AIR License Agreement