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Dev -> Marketing Day... 85?

08 Dec 2015

Sometimes, real life has a way of messing up your plans.

Way back on day 22 in my little 30 day challenge, a big customer ran into a big problem that required my attention and it took a couple days to fix. I also ended up doing a bunch of other tasks that I had been neglecting (I mean, that I had de-prioritized).

After that, there was an even more important matter of taking this guy on a trip.


When I got back, the 30 days were long over and my motivation to finish it up was sapped. So today, I'm finally getting around to writing up a recap.

Inbound Traffic

Our new-user inbound traffic, as measured by google analytics, is way up compared to same months last year. We're getting between 28% and 55% more brand-new users per week. That's great considering we had a really good stream of people even before doing all this work.

In terms of SEO - we're now #1 in over a dozen common google searches. We didn't hit #1 in a couple we were hoping for, but we're first page on all of those. I don't have good historical data for that, so it's hard to compare, but I know it is up since we weren't doing that good at the start of this.

Blog traffic is up 202% compared to last year. Wow.

Customer Impact

I hadn't really expected this, but it makes sense, our customer support request volume is down slightly. The new getting started guide and new help site seems to be helping with that

We've also received a few compliments on the help site from users getting started. Before, nobody praised us on that.

It's not all positive. There is at least one long-term customer who doesn't like the new support options. He used to search through answers we gave to other people to find solutions to his issues, and that feature is gone now. We made a conscious decision to remove that since a majority of the answers were old and no longer valid, but it's worth keeping in mind.


Sales are up, but not a lot. This makes sense since the overall paid conversion rate remains flat. I have a feeling the trial to subscribed funnel still has a lot of optimization to go and there is a lot of potential value to be found there.

The interview

Here's that interview I did. Align Your Remote Team In ScrumDo With Marc Hughes

Overall, pretty happy with how it came out. Working more on my verbal communication skills for things like this is on my list.

Next steps

I never intended for this to be all the marketing work we do. Going forward, there will continue to be a small trickle of work for me personally.
More importantly, we're also working with a new agency that will start taking over most of the load and we have a new person that started and is helping with marketing/customer support/misc tasks.

I feel like this 22 day challenge was a great bootstrapping effort and am really glad we did it.

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