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Dev->Marketing Day 19 - Collating some feedback

05 Oct 2015

We perform a little exit-survey style email for people who sign up for a trial, but don't actually use ScrumDo to find out why. Usually get between 3 and 10 responses a day and I categorize tally up the results in a google spreadsheet.

A curious thing has happened over the past month. The idea of ScrumDo being too complex is coming up more and more. Before this month, I hardly ever heard that. Now, I hear it at least a couple times a day.

So the sum of today's marketing work consists of this:

The realization that we can't just fix it with better help, tutorials, and onboarding. We need to actually make it simpler. And I'm targeting the card edit window first. So far, a day of design experimentation and development in, I'll probably have some results to post to the blog tomorrow.

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