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Dev->Marketing Day 16 - Subscription Messages

30 Sep 2015

Working on a small issue today that I think really hurts the character of ScrumDo.

Right now, if your trial or subscription runs out, it's a pretty abrupt situation. Instead of seeing your normal organization dashboard, you get something like this:


That sudden revocation of functionality really makes it seem like all we care about is the money and not helping the customer succeed.

Now, if you were to scroll down that page, you'd find out you're in a 5 day grace period and can still access your projects. But a lot of people miss that and not a very great user experience.

So now, that page has been replaced with a small message at the top of your dashboard.

Grace period after

But now that we're putting messages there based on account status, let's go wild and try to use them to improve the overall user experience.

So now, during the beginning of a trial, there's a welcome message and a link to the getting started guide.

Towards the end of the trial, it tells you how many days you have left with a subscribe button.

If you're an invoiced customer, it warns you 90 days from the end of your current billing period.

Should help customers take more control of their accounts with less surprises.


Did some SEO earlier in the month, and it's paying dividends. September search traffic is up 15% over our best month ever and we're ranking #1 on google on almost 20 great search terms. Since we did that SEO work mid-month, I'd expect an even bigger boost in October.

That partly explains why we have more active trials now, than at any point in our history.

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