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Dev->Marketing Days 11-14, and a big country fair

29 Sep 2015

Days 12, 13, 14

Didn't do my weekend-recap yesterday because I took the day off and headed off to the Big E (country fair type thing here in New England). Here's photographic proof I took a day off!

The Big Slide

The Big E is, well, big. Hundreds vendors selling food alone. Then Hundreds more selling just about everything else.

There was one stall selling 'hotel comfort sheets'. That's it, they were selling sheets and only sheets. I thought to myself, 'buying sheets at a fair? why would anyone want to do that? This stall must be a horrible business decision.' Then I started noticing them. People carrying around these packets of sheets. They were everywhere. I still don't understand why people would buy sheets at a fair. But they do. And that was my marketing take-away for the day.

It reminded me of a session I went to at Inbound that Craig Miller from Shopify gave. One thing he mentioned was how even though Shopify was mainly a B2B company, they heavily advertised on Facebook, not because it was a great match, but because that's where the people were. I guess the Big E just represents a place with a lot of people to these purveyors of sheets.

So on to the weekend recap...

I have a mailing that goes out to users who sign up, then don't do much. I keep a tally of all the categories of feedback I get. The idea that ScrumDo is complex, and they don't know where to start is a recurring theme. I've mentioned some things we've done in past blog posts (getting started guide, better help pages, etc.), and have one more to add. Since our major upgrade, we haven't had a good introduction or getting started video. Every time I've thought about this I've put it off since I wanted a slick, well thought out, and professionally edited video. It was a case of 'letting the perfect get in the way of good enough'.

So I created one. video intro. 10 minutes long. It meanders a bit. The audio isn't always perfect. But I think it'll help. Today, I'll set up some mixpanel events so I can more easily track whether or not it helps.

We had one new user who was an IA at a pretty large tech company giving us some great feedback. His single biggest hangup about using ScrumDo wasn't all that complex. So I spent some time on Saturday mostly fixing it (a perfect solution will come later).

While doing that, I realized that a lot of the new stuff on ScrumDo wasn't promoted very well, so I did up a quick blog post ScrumDo Updates Recap (August/September 2015), scheduled some social media posts, and called it a day.

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