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Geek to Marketer Day 11 of 30 - Mostly Adwords

24 Sep 2015

Adwords... Are you like me? Set it up, ignore it for 6 months, frantically try to fix it for a couple days, ignore it for 6 months, repeat. Well, today is...

Adwords Day

We've got three adwords campaigns. We treat someone signing up as a trial as a conversion, and our cost per conversion on those campaigns were $9.53, $35, $198. Taking into account our trial->paid conversion rate, and our average customer value, one of those is losing us money and another probably is. So I've dropped the two underperforming campaigns and made some adjustments to the first one to hopefully improve it.

In place of those two removed campaigns, we're experimenting in two new campaigns:

Campaign: Agile /OTHER/

Whoa! There are a ton of marketing agencies out there going agile. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? I must convince them all that ScrumDo is the tool for them!

Well.. before heading in with both feet, let's test the waters a bit to see just how much interest there might be.

Created an ad campaign + custom landing page for them with a special coaching offer:

So I started thinking about other industries. I know we have at least one law firm, so I did some googling. And you know what? Agile Legal/Lawyer is a thing too! Ad campaign + Landing page, bamn: (No coaching for them since I'd be way out of my element)

Campaign: Social

Trying out some twitter/facebook post promotion advertising. Specifically, boosting posts about the last blog post that we published.

I'm really curious what kind of engagement rates we'll get and how many trials it spawns.

update - Wow, facebook sucks. My ad got rejected after it was running for a couple hundred views. Too much text in the image? Well, new image, reposted, trying again.


The email campaign Day 8, Day 9 is doing very well. Only 1 spam complaint, and better than 2% of the people are re-activating their accounts to give us a try.

If those numbers hold, and if they follow a similar trial->paid conversion rate, we're talking 10-20 new customers out of this. All for a couple days work. (yes, I know those are BIG assumptions)

Remote Working

Had a great talk yesterday with Lisette Sutherland on remote working. We're going to do an interview for video/blog/podcast that she does next month. Hoping to make some more connections in that area since it's such a great fit for a tool like ours.

Marketing Challenge

This post is day 11 in my 30 day marketing challenge. Find out what that's all about in the first post or you can read all the posts in this marketing series here.