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Geek->Marketing Day 9 - Engaging past trial users

22 Sep 2015

This post is days 9 in my 30 day marketing challenge. Find out what that's all about in the first post

Yesterday I worked on a bunch of content for an email campaign that targets older users who have moved on.

Part of that email is a mechanism to re-activate your old account and get a 2 month trial. Today I spent a few hours implementing the user flow to support that and it looks something like this...

User clicks the link in the email and sees:

step 1

The link was tagged with campaign info so we can now see this click in google analytics.

I wanted to make sure to avoid the problem of people not remembering a password for an account they haven't used in a long time, so we use the same mechanism as the email based forgot-password on our site.

step 2

The second step lets the user choose between upgrading their old organization or creating a brand new one. Here, I figured many people would just want to start fresh without old data lying around.

There's some smart logic in there to handle cases where people have multiple organizations, or they weren't the owner of any organizations to show appropriate options.

After this, they're brought to their newly upgraded organization in ScrumDo. We tag them in mixpanel, so we can track effectiveness of this campaign.

After making sure everything was working, I pulled 300 addresses for each version of the mailing and sent them out as a quick test to see how open/click/spam rates looked.

If everything looks good, I'll start sending a few thousand a day out until we hit all the users we want. I prefer to trickle it out like that so we don't run into any problems all at once.

If I wanted to improve this, I'd send the emails around the time of day the person originally signed up for a trial, since I know that will probably be in their active timezone.

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