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Geek->Marketing Days 6 & 7 - weekend recap

20 Sep 2015

This post is days 6&7 in my 30 day marketing challenge. Find out what that's all about in the first post

It's the weekend and I'll summarize it in a single blog post. Probably do this every weekend since I try to always take one weekend day off.

Yesterday, I spent time authoring an email to go out to people who have tried scrumdo a long time ago. We've never done any re-marketing with those people and we really should. It's not ready to go out yet, but I'll post a copy in a post when it is. We're doing at least 2 versions of it in an A/B test.

Today was spent figuring out some google analytics issues that was causing our own domains to sometimes show up as referrers. I think it's because we have a mix of SSL & regular HTTP sites and the cookie wasn't getting shared, so I switched us over to always using SSL. Hopefully that fixes that.

I also spend some time updating our unsubscribe page, and implementing the List-Unsubscribe header in email messages that go out, so people can have a nice easy one-click automated unsubscribe without even opening a browser (at least for email clients that support that).

I narrowed down our targeting criteria for that email I mentioned and updated our pull-email-address script to follow those rules. I added things like make sure the person isn't actually a customer, and hasn't been active in the past week for this particular mailing.

Other than that, today was a bug-fixing day for some customer reported issues, so I hit my goal of spending an hour or two on marketing for the day instead of spending all day on it.

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