Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Quick/Cheap website technology stack

27 Mar 2012

Are you looking to quickly make and host a small web app cheaply?  Here's the software stack that I use nowadays.

  • Python + Django 1.4 (
  • Hosted on Heroku (
  • A MySql database hosted on Amazon RDS (This is only cost-effective if you have more than 2 sites using the same DB, otherwise, use Heroku's DB)
  • Amazon S3 for static file serving
  • Twitter Bootstrap for a base CSS/JS stack
  • for payments
  • for help desk
  • for source control (GitHub for open source stuff)
  • if I need real-time / push capabilities

Using that stack I can get a new (small) site up and running for almost no incremental cost.