Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Technology Nomad

28 Mar 2011

The scrum tool I've been working on for a few months is seeing some real user growth.

One thing I find a little weird is jumping between the user communities

Earlier in my career, when I was doing c++ development, that was it.  During my Java days, that's what I coded day in and day out.  Flash/Flex, same thing.  Sure, I've always dabbled in various technologies.  Some scripting (perl, ruby), maybe play with the latest hotness (an iphone app).  But I only ever felt like I was part of one developer community at a time.

But now, I find myself switching between the Flash/Flex world in my dayjob, and the Python communities in my extra-curricular.  And they're vastly different.  The flash world tends to be heavily design focused on one side and real enterprisey-development on the flex side with new frameworks, patterns, and methods of development popping up all the time.  The python communities feel more pragmatic.  Getting things done quickly and efficiently.  Each new framework that comes out tries to be leaner and smaller, yet more expressive than the last.