Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Instant gratification of GitHub and AppEngine

30 Jan 2011

So, I've been testing a web callback by using postbin - - a pretty great service exactly for this sort of thing.

But I found that I'd really like to be able to replay those requests on a server running locally.  A quick look behind the scenes at postbin, and it's open source on GitHub, and runs on google app engine.

So I forked a copy, made my changes, and uploaded a new version to my own google app engine account so I could use it right away.

I also sent a pull request to Jeff Lindsay, the developer on Postbin so he could incorporate the changes on the main site.

None of that is particularly amazing.  But the fact that I did it in less than a half hour is!

Distributed VCS, running apps in the cloud, I hope this is the future of software development.