Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

ScrumDo - new release and open source!

18 Jan 2011

The other day over at ScrumDo we pushed a pretty major release that included a lot of new functionality and usability improvements. I'm especially proud of a the predictions tool and the excel import/export functionality.  You can export an iteration, work on it in excel, and then import your changes back in.

But perhaps even more important, we are officially open source now.  If you're a Django developer, and you use Scrum, consider pitching in some help.  We've got a list of area's that we're specifically looking for help in and would be happy to have other things worked on as well.

Follow the project on twitter.

p.s. ScrumDo not ScrumDoo -- The doo wasn't working, t0o many people thought about poo.