Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

22 Nov 2010

I've been taking a shot at an agile story management website in my off-hours.  It's not ready for prime time yet, but I think it's moving in the right direction.

I was able to get a talented developer, Ajay Reddy, to help me out in it's future development.

We plan on open sourcing it so anyone can run their own instance of the server.  It's a DJango/Pinax/Mysql software stack.

My goal is to have a usable version up by December 6th.  Any suggestions / comments are greatly appreciated.

Oh.. the name will be changing.  Apparently both my wife and Ajay thinks it sounds too much like a form of excrement.  Suggestions welcome there as well.

Eventually, I'll integrate the work I've done on Todo-Board into it.