Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

An experiment in funding open source software

16 Feb 2010

In the past, I've blogged many times about my ObjectHandles library, and today I'm starting an experiment in generating some revenue for it.

There is now a new web page at that has 7 example applications intended as either a training resource, or as a starting point for more complex applications.  I'm charging a fee for the source code to those examples.  The fee is whatever you decide to pay (with a $15 minimum)

The more revenue that this generates, the more motivation I'll have to spend time working on the core library and additional examples.

The core library will continue to remain free and under the MIT license.  It can always be downloaded from

There were a few reasons for me to do this including:

  1. My motivation to work on the library has been very low lately.  I don't have any current projects that are using it.
  2. The donations link that I have has received a total of 3 donations over 2 and a half years.
  3. By working on these examples, I was able to really exercise some of the core functionality.  While doing this I was able to
  • Completely revamp the constraints mechanism and implement things like an Aspect Ratio constraint
  • Find and fix a handful of bugs
  • Figure out the answers to some questions others have asked that I just didn't know the answer to
  • Make several big performance improvements
P.S.  This gave me a chance to create a real site in Python/Django/Google App Engine for the first time, and I'm impressed.