Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Why educational software

17 Dec 2009

Here's one reason why I'm in the educational software business.  We're pilot-testing one of our new products (called Fraction Nation) at a local school.  The teacher gave all the kids surveys to fill out, there were a lot of great responses.  This response made my day.

Do you enjoy playing Fraction Nation?

I don't enjoy playing Fraction Nation.  I Love it!  Very Inspiring!  You guys probably change my life and others!  Wonderful Job!

Or this one from another kid...
If you could change something about the program, what would you change?

The thing I would change would be nothing 'cause I really liked it!

Another kid, same question:
If I were to change something, I would change the background.
Oddly enough, several kids said the background thing.  I say if the background is the biggest thing they want to change, that's a big win.

Universally in that class, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Making a product that teaches fractions that kids like isn't very easy to do, but I think we might have nailed this one.

And here's a doodle one of them made on the back of a survey for us.

The thing that really scares me is almost every one of these kids has better handwriting than I do now.