Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

How far does your email address go back?

13 Apr 2009

A random thought occurred to me today when an email to a friend bounced back.  We seem to change email addresses far more frequently than phone numbers, physical addresses, or most other contact methods.  Looking in my GMail account, the oldest email I still have goes back to 6/18/2004.  But for email addresses, one of the addresses that I still regularly check was first in use all the way back to September of 2000.

So what's YOUR stats for

a) Oldest email you have sitting around that you can easily access without pulling out a backup tape or archive CD? b) The oldest email address that you still regularly check?

While 5 years for an email and 8.5 years for an address seem like a long time, think of how short those are compared to carvings in a rock...