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ApolloCoders / Full Screen HTML

21 Nov 2008

So yesterday I was bummed out about the full screen HTML / swf issue I posted about.  I made a post on apollocoders and got this reply:

Yes, I know why. To make a long story short, this change should not have been made. We're working on a fix for the upcoming dot release that will revert to the original 1.0 behavior.

regards, Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

It's really great when a company like Adobe can have a portion of it's engineer's time spent paying attention to community issues.  And even better... letting us know what's happening.

But it got me thinking... Looking at the very light volume, I'm not sure many people know about apollocoders.  It's a developer mailing list set up back when AIR was still named Apollo.  It's generally a great place to ask questions and learn about specific details.  I'm almost afraid to publicize it since the fact that it's so low volume is one of the advantages.  You can find it here: