Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

OpenID from AIR movie

19 Aug 2008

Here's a quick movie I just recorded showing the user interaction of logging into a web service with OpenID and then loading up some data.

        <p>The flow goes like this: </p>
            <li>When accessing the web services the user is first presented with a normal login dialog.</li>
            <li>From there he chooses to use an OpenID login.</li>
            <li>He types in his OpenID identity.</li>
            <li>He is forwarded to his OpenID provider's page.</li>
            <li>He clicks the &quot;Allow&quot; button, and is brought to a list of all the projects he's previously saved.</li>
            <li>Upon clicking a project, the browser portion of the application closes and the program loads up the data over AMF    </li>
          <p>I'll post code examples of what I did to make this all work as soon as I get some spare time. <br />