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Object Handles Spotted?

26 Jul 2008

I might have spotted another use of ObjectHandles over at the AsButtonGen webpage.  Over on the text and image tabs you can add stuff to your button that can be resized/moved using some familiar looking handles and mouse cursors.  Also, I recognize a bug with resizing the left bottom corner that was in previous versions of the library.

          <p>If it is ObjectHandles, this would be the second time I just ran into a use of them, that's pretty cool.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find an email address on that site. </p>
          <p>But that aside, the site is  neat.&#160; It lets you create some pretty &quot;web 2.0&quot; style buttons with stripes, highlights, etc. </p>
          <p>I spent some time on the library yesterday.&#160; I was tyring to get the rotation+resizing thing working better since it's been somewhat broken for a while.&#160; I've never needed that feature so it's been neglected.&#160; Unfortunately, I'm running into a bit of a brick wall.&#160; I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it should do, nevermind how.&#160; Luckily, most of my Trigonometry from High School is coming back to me since it's heavy in that department. <br />