Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Xray Viewer updated

16 Jun 2008

The XRayViewer has been broken for quite some time. I had originally done it with an AIR beta, and that has since stopped working. So there's now a newly compiled version just waiting for you to grab.

What is the XRayViewer?

So you may be asking yourself What exactly is the XRayViewer?

All this little app does is host the XRay connector and let you load a local swf. Then it displays the swf with some simple controls to play/stop/advance/back. The big benefit is you can then use XRay (By John Grden + Others) to inspect the swf without changing any code around.

There's three new (very minor) features in this version:

  1. There's a button to launch the XRay interface in your default browser.
  2. The path to the loaded swf is displayed in the top toolbar. (You can copy & paste that into Xray so you don't have to navigate as far into the hierarchy)
  3. New logo / icons

Now Open Source!

The entire project is now licensed under the MIT license. If you install the application and then right click on it you can "View Source" to get the source code for it.