Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Gonna try out this CFML stuff, where to start?

06 Jun 2008

I've heard great things about Cold Fusion, and with the second CFML server being open sourced just recently, it's probably time for me to dip my feet in. 

          <p>So first, here's what I want out of this...</p>
          <p>I want a development environment which I can very quickly develop web based applications with.    I need something that lets me do the most common web things very quickly.&#160; I'm not afraid of writing  Java for complex stuff.&#160; (but really, how often does a web app have to do something really complex?) </p>
          <p>Now, some questions that perhaps any readers out there might be able to help with...</p>
          <p>Can you suggest where a CFML newbie should look to get started?&#160; I ordered the first two volumes of <em>ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit</em> to get started already.&#160; What blogs / websites / etc. should I visit regularly? <br />
          <p>If I'm gonna go with an Open Source solution to start, OpenBD, or Railo?&#160; In case it matters, eventually I'll need it to run within JBoss and serve through Apache via an AJP connection back to JBoss. </p>
          <p>What dev-environment do most people (on OSX) use for CFML?&#160; Dreamweaver?&#160; TextMate?&#160; cfeclipse?&#160; Since I'm also doing Flex stuff, the Eclipse based solution sounds appealing. </p>