Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

AgileAgenda on Linux

09 May 2008

This was kind of neat.  I grabbed an Ubuntu VMWare image, installed the AIR Alpha, and then installed AgileAgenda on it.  It mostly worked, except for one crippling problem.  For some reason the hotkey for "Save" was set to "S" instead of "Ctrl-S"... so you couldn't type any task name with an "S" in it.  I'll have to look into that to see if it's just an AIR Alpha bug, or if it's a problem I need to fix with something I'm doing.  I can't wait for the full Linux AIR to come out, it'll be a great way for Linux users to get applications.

One of the best things about AIR is it's application distribution model.  It's just so darned easy for people to install apps.  One of the worst things about Linux is application distribution.  There's just too many package formats and different ways to install.  I really hope AIR can bring a single, simple, installation method for AIR apps to all of the popular distributions.  Something that my wife could sit down at a Linux computer and do.