Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

About Marc

25 Mar 2008

Marc is the manager of software engineering at Tom Snyder Productions, an educational software publisher in Watertown, MA.  While there, he's worked on several large educational applications including FASTT Math and TimeLiner XE. 

Outside of his day job, Marc wrote AgileAgenda (, an AIR/Flex based project scheduling application that won the best in show award of Adobe's AIR Developer derby in October 2007.  Since then, he's started a side-business to commercialize that product.

Marc is also active in the Flash open source world and has authored several useful Flash and Flex based open source projects such as:

  • ObjectHandles - a library that allows users to move and resize components inside a Flex application. 
  • Pulse Particles - A flash based particle system aimed to be easy for designers with minimal coding experience to use.
  • Flex Spreadsheet - A datagrid like component aimed at data input instead of data display.
He's currently working on a book entitled "The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development" to be published by Friends of Ed later this year.  His open source projects, as well has his blog can be found at