Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Agile Agenda update

07 Feb 2008

Been a while since I wrote about AgileAgenda, so here's an update on some of the recent happenings. If you haven't heard of it before, AgileAgenda is an AIR application for project scheduling that I've been working on in my spare time for a few months now.

It's been a big couple weeks of development for me. I've fixed a bunch of bugs and improved a few of the outstanding usability problems. I got Basecamp integration working to a point where I'm ready to release after a bit more testing.

But the big news is the Dev Client has been completely revamped. I've also renaming it the "Agile Tracker" since not only "Developers" might be using it, but anyone who wishes to track their time on AgileAgenda tasks.

Using the AgileTracker you'll be able to subscribe to multiple schedules published to the website. Once you're subscribed, you'll be able to track your time across projects or tasks, view how much time on the project you've spent, and view an overall timesheet for time spent week to week.

Here's a couple screenshots for you to wet your appetite with.

There's also been some work to help future proof the file format so new versions of the software will still be able to read schedules made with older versions of the software.

As we near a real release more and more attention is being focused on only releasing quality, well tested, builds. The changes mentioned above mean we have a huge chunk of code to test in the application, in the agile tracker, and in the server code. We're shooting for a new beta build in about two weeks depending on how our internal testing goes.