Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Egads! Another Pulse Particle update

20 Jan 2008

Yet another build posted. This one fixes a memory leak and now the flash component has a visual indicator (blue circle) of where the emitter is during design mode (disappears during runtime). No more hunting for the emitter!

Two new examples on tweening & masking effects posted.  Source for those are in the "source" download on google code.

Also fixed a bug with emitters who's parents were removed from the display list not being removed themselves.

If you're interested in helping...

I could use new rules for the Pulse particle system that define particle behavior not yet implemented. The other parts of the system are still under heavy development so they may not be the best to try to contribute to yet.

I'd also like to link to any new demos you create with this system, so send them or a link to them in.