Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

New Pulse Particles build

19 Jan 2008

There's a new build of Pulse Particles posted.

There's a new rule implemented, "BoundingBoxRule". This will cause particles to bounce within a box. there's an option for specifying the box position/size in the particle explorer, the SimpleParticles interface is updated, and the Object Orientated interface is up to date as well, so everyone can enjoy bouncing particles.

Particle emitters no longer have to be a point source. You can specify a width & height to emit particles along. This has also been added to the particle explorer.

All the internal angles have been transitioned from degrees to radians. A lot less computation is taking place now. The external API's still take degrees, so there shouldn't be any code changes for users.

Gravity works completely different now. Before it was applying a y-offset to simulate gravity. Now it actually changes angle/speed. This gives a more realistic gravity and allows the rotateToAngle option to work with gravity effects.

The jitter when using PointSwarm or MousePointSwarm is gone.