Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Pulse Particle Update + New Example

15 Jan 2008

There's an update to the Pulse Particle system available on the download page.

And here's an example that shows off some of the capabilities. My examples tend to suck since I'm not a good designer/artist. If you play around with Pulse Particles and create anything interesting please send it over and I'm happy to host or link to it. The example shows off 4 simple effects, my favorite of them is the green bubbles.

This update brings three things.
  1. Most of the jitter in the particles is gone.
  2. If you place a particle emitter within a MovieClip, then the particles will be made on that clip. That means you can use a mask to determine where those particles will appear. You could also animate or add filters to that clip. This really opens up a lot of the power of Flash for controlling how the particles are displayed.
  3. Acceleration / Deceleration is now implemented (and it's in the explorer as well)
The download src file now has the .fla files I used to make the .mxp package.

And ASDocs are now posted automatically whenever I make a new build, go to the project page to find them.