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I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Pulse Particle System + Flash IDE

09 Jan 2008

I did a bit of work to see what I could do to get a workflow with the Flash authoring environment and the Pulse particle system working. I got it to a point where I can download, install, and show a quick example of how to use it in a 4 minute video. Not too bad.

The Video (Adobe Share Download)
The video (Alternate Download)

Some more links:
The project page
The download page
The Particle Explorer
The particle system itself is still a bit rough, there's a bit of choppiness here and there that I need to work out, and there's a bunch more options (like acceleration) I'd like to tackle. That, and a bit more on the documentation side would be nice.

Update, Here's a nice demo from the comments below. It has an animated movieclip as a particle and looks pretty cool.