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I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Pulse Particle system interactive explorer

03 Jan 2008

I just whipped up a quick flex app to explore some of the features of the Pulse Particle system I've been working on lately.

1) Various configuration options for the particles
2) The resulting config-object that those options make, you can pass that to SimpleParticles to create the effect in your application.
3) A live preview of the particle effect

The demo only has a handful of rules in it, but they show off a good chunk of the possible functionality you can get from the SimpleParticles interface. One of the biggest limitations of the explorer is there's only a few images embedded for you to make particles out of.

To use one of these particles in your app, do something like this:

import com.roguedevelopment.pulse.simple.SimpleParticles;
import com.roguedevelopment.pulse.PulseEngine;


PulseEngine.instance.root = this;
SimpleParticles.createEmitter( {pps:10,x:153, y:286,image:spark,
movement:true, minSpeed:199,
maxSpeed:216, minAngle:211,
maxAngle:219, minScale:0.8,
maxScale:1, pointSwarm:[100,100], lifespan:5000} );

where the argument to createEmitter comes from #2 above.

You can play with it yourself at:

If you make any cool looking effects, copy & paste the config object to a comment to share with everyone.