Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

AIR Badge installer + swfobject + ExpressInstall

15 Dec 2007

I've put together a page to install AgileAgenda using SWFObject with the ExpressInstall feature and the AIR Installation Badge.

This means people with a Flash Player less than 9.0.115 should be able to first upgrade their flash player, and then use the easy badge installation method for AIR + the application. I gave it a try on Firefox + Safari on OSX and IE + Firefox on WinXP, all of them with a 9.0.47 flash player and it all seemed to work well. The code also displays a message suggesting people install Flash player or install the AIR application manually if they don't have any version of Flash.

I've put together a small archive of the necessary files to make this work. It contains files from the swfobject guys released under the MIT license, and you can consider anything I wrote to make this work also under that license (which allows you to pretty much use it any way you like).

Thanks go to the swfobject guys, they really made this a no-brainer on how to implement!

Hope this helps some people.