Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

AMFPhp -> RED5

26 Sep 2007

Last night I finished translating all my web services from AMFPhp to Red5. Assuming my web-host problems are sorted out by the weekend I'll be switching the beta version of AgileAgenda to that.

I've found huge benefits in converting including:

  • Everything now has unit tests using JUnit. You can do unit testing with PHP, but it's way easier in Java.
  • JDT (Eclipse Java Development Tool) is the best development environment I've ever used.
  • Debugger! I can now attach a debugger to the server to see why things don't work right.
  • Logging - I used all the cool Log4j stuff, so I'll have as much detail in my logs as I want.
  • Spring is awesome.
  • Now I have a platform to extend for realtime messaging. I'll be able to push schedule changes to clients instead of relying on a polling mechanism.