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DataGrid can go DIAF

25 Sep 2007

(That's "Die in a fire" for those of you not hip to texting lingo and don't have a little sister to help make you hip)

Making the DataGrid do things it's not meant to do is amazingly hard. Look at this gem that's found in the itemEditorItemEditEndHandler method:

if (event.reason == DataGridEventReason.OTHER || !event.isDefaultPrevented())

If the event is canceled it goes ahead and destroys your item renderer.

So if you want to say, NOT end editing and you cancel the event, it goes ahead and kills your editor anyways.

No problem... we could just override the method and fix it. Except someone on the 2.0 SDK team got private method happy with that one.

Are there any good DataGrid alternatives out there? Especially for mimicking spreadsheet functionality where you're adding and removing rows dynamically through user input?