Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

AgileAgenda progress

25 Aug 2007

With the release of AlivePDF, I've started on the printed reports of the project, arguably one of the most important features of software like this. Here is a sample report for the first few hours of working on this stuff. I'm quite pleased with how easily and quickly it was to develop that. It needs a lot of work visually, but I think it's actually a useful report. When printing these out you can choose which sections of the report will go in. Eventually I want to get the outline/bookmark PDF features working to make it easy to jump around in the document. I still have to tackle printing out the gantt style chart, but that's for another day. (Note on sample... that project is an amazingly simple project not really needing software like this. I've also been using this software for a project I've been working on at my "real job" and that is actually useful)

I've also been working with a young designer from France on some of the visual aspects of the software. He's been making icons for a while now and agreed to let me use some of them in my project. On top of that he did a mockup on a screen that took my thoughts on design to a completely new direction. He's working on a project of his own as well, I'll make sure to post about it when it's ready. Here's an example of what the software might look like come release time:

Even that look still has a couple rounds of revisions left, but it's getting closer.

We're still accepting beta applications for anyone interested in trying this stuff out in the first round of beta.