Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Waiting on Flex Builder

17 Aug 2007

Right now, as I post this, I'm waiting for FlexBuilder to do whatever it is that it does. I've looked around but have yet to find a suggestion on why occasionally it'll just take a minute or more to refresh & build. Arghhh.

Some suggestions that have made it better for me (but not 100% better)...

Project->Properties->Flex Applications ...
make sure only the ONE main mxml file you care about is listed there.

Project->Properties->Flex Compiler ...
Turn on "Generate HTML template".
Turn off "Copy non-embedded assets" (if you do that, you'll have to remember to refresh your assets by copying them to your bin folder when they change.)

There's certain JRE versions to stay away from, when I upgraded to 1.6.something it got a lot better for me.

Occasionally, edit your .actionscriptproperties and remove "weird crap" that's in there. I've seen refereneces in there like "src/src/src/src/src/src/src" for some unknown reason.