Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Sharing Flex Projects

26 Jul 2007

We've got 5 developers all working on the same Flex based project. What's the best way to share the project so everyone can work on it together? (I don't mean a version control system, I mean the actual Flex project).

We tried checking into version control and all using the same .project, .actionscriptProperties, and .flexProperties files, but that was a disaster. Flex likes to open them for read/write and make little modifications at seemingly random times. Then merging changes between developers sucks.

What we do now is each developer creates their own Flex project outside of version control.

Then we link in the src folder of our application into our project. (In eclipse you can make a link to another folder by selecting "new folder" then clicking the advanced checkbox) ... see the picture:

Next, we set that src folder as the default source folder of the project.

Then we delete the .mxml that flex builder auto-created for us when we made the project since we don't need it anymore.

Then we set-as-default application our main mxml file.

We use a few external libraries, so we also add a swc folder under our project's build directory.

It seems to work pretty well. We even have some people using FB2 and some on FB3 using this technique. How do other people handle this?

For those of you following the AgileAgenda progress, two new screenshots of the web-view: