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I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Name my project (Scheduling Software)

18 Jul 2007

I need a name for my current project. It is a project planning & scheduling tool (Much like MS Project) aimed at software developers.

I'm looking for a name that embodies one or more of the following:

- Project scheduling
- Treating the project plan as ever changing instead of something you create once at the beginning.
- Using the tool every day for short amounts of time to keep the schedule up to date. (Continuous planning)
- Planning software based projects.
- Intelligent scheduling algorithm

Bonus points go to:
- Names that I can get the .com domain name
- Names not used by other similar projects
- Catchy names
- Professional sounding names

If you care to read about it more, some thoughts are in the "Schedule" label of this blog.

Just post in the comments. If I choose your name, I'll give you lifetime free updates to the eventual product :)