Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Update on Scheduling Software

09 Jul 2007

Past few days I've been blogging about my new project-scheduling software I've been working on. Yesterday I implemented the "welcome" screen when you open a project. Eventually, I'll extend this screen so it captures all of the quick tasks one need to do on a day to day basis with a schedule. But for now it has:

  • Project Summary - # of tasks, completion date, etc.
  • The next 3 upcoming milestones, with expected completion dates.
  • Tasks currently being worked on, and by whom.
  • Tasks that are currently late.
  • "Latest News" box - pulls data from my website for info about new versions, etc.
Both the task-lists have a button to quickly mark them as completed.

The software is to the point where I'm going to start using it at work. Hopefully within a week I'll have it to a point where others could use it.

I also implemented a feature that will let you easily share the schedule with anybody, but I'll keep specifics of that secret until we're closer to release. It's cool.