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I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

XRay Updated!

02 Jul 2007

John Grden has just released a new version of XRay, the gosh darn bestest Flash debugging tool out there.

The big news for me is it uses my LogViewer component for the log output panel! I hope everyone enjoys it.

Get it:

John's announcement:

New LogViewer component replaces Xray's output - Thanks to Marc Hughes for creating such a killer component and being cool enough to integrate it with Xray!


*Debug level filtering
*Text filtering / package filtering

Latest Xray interface online:

Download the SWF to run locally:

LogViewer component:

AS3 News for Xray:
Currently, I have a solid beta of the component working. It looks through all display lists and the property inspector seems to be working properly. Some of the other features with highlighting nodes on stage, grid drawing, filters and sound are not working with AS3 yet. I expect that those will all change in a big way so, I've just been getting base functionality running. Also, I'm still at a bit of a learning curve with AS3. Debugging visual aspects like we did in AS2 is definitely different, and thats why it's taking a while to get something out.

The good news is, I've written it to work:

1. as a component for CS3 (like the as2 version)
2. with the new constructor: var xray:Xray = new Xray();
3. with flex2 via new constructor

If there's enough interest in it, I'll post the beta with docs and let people hammer on it. Need is usually what drives us, so might as well stir up some need :)