Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

TSP (Boston Area) - Hiring a software engineer

10 May 2007

The company I work for is hiring a software engineer in the Boston area. Taking a phrase from Joel we're looking for someone who's smart and can get things done.

The first project you'd be working on will be written in Actionscript 3 and run in Apollo. But we've had no luck finding Actionscript developers so we're looking for a really good software engineer interested in learning a new technology. Right now, Flex, Actionscript and Apollo are some of the really hot technologies in the marketplace.

Before you run away at the mention of Actionscript, Actionscript 3 rocks. It is completely object orientated with a killer API. Almost everything you like about Java, C#, and C++ is in there plus a whole lot more.

Why you should apply:

1) Learn a new hot technology.
2) We make products that aren't evil. (Our software teaches kids!)
3) We're low-stress.
4) Our development environment is the kind you want to work in. We actually have a spec! Engineer's ideas are actually listened to. We try to do things the "right way".

Go here to read the official job posting. I know... the application process on the website sucks, I'm sorry. (Update - Link fixed, the posting was modified and the URL changed)