Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Website updates

02 May 2007

Last night I spent some time updating my long-neglected personal websites.

Rogue Development - The "dumping ground" for any interesting projects I work on.

This site is kind of neat. It consists solely of XML and XSLT documents. The XML is transformed by the XSLT on the client side (so it only works in semi-modern browsers) and is formatted by a css stylesheet. If I had cared about supporting more browsers, I could have done the XSLT conversion on the server side, but I don't. You can view-source on any page to see the XML, and you can check out these links for the XSLT and css pages:


You're free to use them, modify them, etc on your site if you wish, just drop me a note letting me know. I like to see what other people do.

Someday, I might write a Flex interface for reading the XML content. Or even better, I wonder if it's relatively easy to create a flex app to author the XSLT documents. - My personal "fun" website.

The front page is flash, but the rest of the site is the same XSLT as rogue-development with a different css sheet to format it.