Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

ObjectHandles 6 month plan

11 Jan 2007

Right now, the biggest barrier to using ObjectHandles is the initial learning curve.  The documentation is sparse.   It's confusing on where to find examples (version 1 vs. version 2 differences).  The Version 2 stuff also forces one to think in a model/view way which, that alone, is new to some people.

The second biggest barrier is the implementation is lacking in a few key ways.  The ability to maintain an aspect ratio while resizing rotated items or using custom mouse icons for instance.    Even worse, to go along with the first point, those aren't well documented.

The reason for both of these is motivation.   By itself, the library brings in minimal donations, and I'm not currently working on any projects that use it.  The main thing that's been keeping me on it is a fairly active mailing list of very enthusiastic people.

To remedy all of these, a month or two ago I started working on a training package for ObjectHandles.  The goals are as follows:

  1. Create training resources that show how to use all of the ObjectHandles features in a variety of circumstances with well documented, simple to understand, examples.  I'd even like some of these to be "starting points" for common application scenarios.
  2. Charge a small amount of money for these training resources to help with the motivation factor.
  3. Improve the core ObjectHandles library for everyone by exercising all the features.  (See this video for an example of one of those improvements)
That's step 1 of my 6-month plan.

Step 2 is to recreate the website so it fully explains what OH is, how to use it, and where to get more info (including, but not limited to the training package above)