Marc Hughes

I am a developer from a bit west of Boston.

Scheduling meetings...

04 Jan 2007

Outlook/Exchange (or insert your favorite group scheduling solution) has made scheduling meetings with people amazingly easy.  No longer do you need to contact everyone to see when they around, and find a mutually acceptable time slot to hold a meeting.

That may be the worst thing to ever happen to employee productivity.

It's just way too easy to take up other people's time nowadays.  I get several meeting requests a day with a date and time all picked out.  The meeting seems reasonable.  The organizer has gone through (perhaps a minimal) amount of time to find a block of time.  And there's no reason I should reject it.  So I hit that accept button and show up to the meeting at some future time.

But there's a huge problem.  The sheer number of meetings I'm going to in recent times is completely staggering.  There is no way that the value of that many meetings equates to the time spent.  They're becoming too micro-focused.