I'm Marc.

I build things.

Showcase A few projects I've been involved in.

  • ScrumDo.com

    A leading Scrum / Agile Story planning & management web application. Manage a backlog, play Planning Poker®, and get your project done.

  • Educational Software

    Eleven years of experience leading teams to develop software used by over a million students a day.

  • ObjectHandles

    An AS3/Flex based class to allow users to move & reposition elements on a screen. Visit objecthandles.com for demos and source.

  • Rankalist.com

    Website to solicit ranking information from business owners. Built as an experiment in rapid software development over the course of a weekend.

  • Projectite

    Need to turn your Basecamp project into a GANTT chart? Projectite can help you make your schedule.

  • Agile Agenda

    Agile Agenda is a different approach to planning a project schedule. You enter the facts of the project. The computer calculates the details.

  • Todo Board

    An abandoned online task board. Had a unique tagging mechanism to alter the appearance of items.